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THEOS Partners with Global Pandemic Shield

Our partner list keeps on growing, with many exciting collaborations and developments happening behind the curtains. With the evident events that have negatively impacted worldwide systems, innovative and efficient solutions must hastily arise to combat them, and THEOS wants to help accelerate these efforts by working with organizations that can make a large impact.

THEOS now has the opportunity to transform one of its main philosophy pillars into action. The Association is excited to announce that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with the team at Global Pandemic Shield (GPS).

GPS is a scientific social organization committed to decentralize resource distribution and help ignite scientific research through the use of artwork and NFTs. Their goal is to eliminate the biggest health threats across the world to make it a better place for humanity.

GPS uses an NFT launchpad model to help fund R&D projects focused on battling the COVID-19 pandemic and larger health threats across the globe. Their efforts are funded through many of their collaborative projects, which include yellow fever antibodies, COVID-19 antibodies, and dengue/zika antibodies. Each project offers several NFTs with special artwork that can be purchased on the GPS website.

When NFTs are purchased on the GPS marketplace, a portion of the proceeds are contributed to the respective project’s funding pool to help support its monetary goal and tackle the respective health initiative at hand. Participants can even view the amount of contributors, progress, total raise, and more for each project on its dedicated webpage.

An exciting initial project will involve not only these two parties, but also legendary individuals such as Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Matt Sorum, and the Global Blockchain Business Council. We will ignite a unique collaborative and evolutionary project that starts with a year-long white NFT Pixel Art. After its completion, the aggregated NFT will be auctioned, and its proceeds will be directed to support specific scientific endeavors.

THEOS will also be creating a specific board to display GPS’ NFTs, and will eventually create a GPS ODYSSEY pool, where we will enable the next step of GPS plan — fungibility for their NFTs. This way, NFTs donated to GPS will enjoy instant liquidity, and participants that interact with the GPS pool will also support its causes. Additionally, we will include GPS as a social cause that any ODYSSEY Pool Originator will be able to select — thereby automatically redirecting a percentage of pool’s actions to it.

GPS has already been attracting significant attention — celebrities, health institutions, scientists, NGOs, are currently contributing to these R&D projects. Their team is made up of high-profile scientific, technology, and artistic individuals who are well established in their respective fields.

About Global Pandemic Shield: GPS is an NFT launchpad platform that helps promising R&D projects raise funds in order to conquer and tackle widespread global health issues and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s harnessing the power of the blockchain to further the advances of science and medicine through the use of collaboration via NFTs. Users can choose their favorite projects and which respective NFTs they’d like to buy, while also contributing to a good cause.

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About THEOS: The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a team of both traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos. We envision a new way of thinking, minting and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will become the first NFT platform in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

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