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Unveiling THEOS Titan Community Program

Help build the DeFi haven for NFTs

THEOS is commencing a community-driven program to take the project to new heights. As we grow in community size, internal team and protocol as a whole, we find ourselves in need of individuals that will bring added value to this already exciting moment.

We are looking for capable and interested members that will assist THEOS in the realization of goals that relate to our two main pillars: User acquisition and token democratization. This, however, does not mean that you need to be a high-profile trader, an influencer with +10M followers, or a developer — we are looking for those with the drive to help THEOS in any way possible.

  • Help build the community for the next-gen platform for NFTs.
  • Earn rewards — Receive tokens
  • Be part of THEOS Extended team — Get to know important people and become a part of a network of industry leaders.
  • Be a tester, get sneak peeks — Discuss product, marketing and partnership updates and ideas. Be part of the first step of activations and give feedback to the team, thereby contributing to this experimental concept.

There is no standard-size Titan, but we are especially interested in some of the following roles:

  • Crypto enthusiasts with firm beliefs on the disrupting role that blockchain technology will play in the coming decades.
  • DeFi connoisseurs.
  • Holistic thought leaders with innovative ideas for NFTs.
  • Community leaders that can promote THEOS within their network.
  • Influencers with a large community-base

Depending on which role(s) our Titan fulfil they will be placed within a certain Tier. Tiers will determine their position within the Extended THEOS Team, potential rewards, and more.

We seek individuals that are open to taking on several of the responsibilities mentioned below. Still, we are open for applications that only fulfil a part of those.

  • Promote THEOS through AMAs and other community-related forums. While you are not required to be an acting CM, it is encouraged that you are interested in engaging and educating our community.
  • Amplify THEOS events and announcements.
  • Community management: Help us manage our online communities in various languages and on various channels (TG, Discord, Reddit, etc), and become community thermometers. We look for people that are active rather than reactive — start the conversation.
  • Reach out to potentially interested organizations for partnerships that can synergize with our project.
  • Reach out and onboard creators, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers.
  • Provide insights and help us understand the needs of our users by offering research and collecting feedback from community members.
  • $THEOS tokens.
  • Official recognition on THEOS’ channels.
  • Exclusive Access: Full briefings on official releases and exclusive news.
  • Titan badges.
  • Beta-testing access to product functionalities.
  • THEOS merchandise and other gifts.

Fulfil the requirements? Apply to be a Titan

If you think you fulfil all or a good deal of the role requirements detailed above you can submit your application to become a THEOS Titan.

First, complete this form to apply.

After reviewing your application and assuming we believe you are the right fit for the role, we will contact you and schedule a meeting for an online interview. At this point, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into everything that is not encompassed in the form and you believe might be of value.

We might then take up to a week to consider your application, and if deemed appropriate, extend you with a trial membership, during which you’ll learn all about the inner workings of the Titan Program and identify the parts of the community that you want to be involved with and that THEOS needs from you.

Throughout your trial membership, you will meet with Chef, our Head Titan, and upon successful trial, you will be fully onboarded on the project.

We are commencing a program of Badges on THEOS. Briefly, we will emit different badges as NFTs for onboarded actors of our ecosystem: early supporters, Titans, etc. Some of these badges will have different Tiers — such as Titan Platinum or Gold -, and will become a part of a reward system in the future once we implement our DELPHI pools. Badge holders will be able to stake them and receive THEOS tokens in return. More to come in a specific Badges Program article.

About THEOS: The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a team of both traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos. We envision a new way of thinking, minting and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will become the first NFT platform in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

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