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What is the Environmental Impact of NFTs and How THEOS Can Change That

Are NFTs detrimental to the environment?

All of the potential fixes to the climate pollution problem of NFTs are being implemented to varying degrees, but they haven’t been extensively adopted yet. Many artists, and even some environmentalists, are still optimistic about crypto art, as they assume that, in the short term, the emissions won`t be an issue to worry about. Artists are, in fact, the ones who are pushing the most for change. They may start minting their NFTs on marketplaces using greener practices if the standard marketplaces for NFTs don’t start to meet their environmental demands.

What is the carbon footprint of an NFT?

As there are many steps in the minting process that do not have a clear carbon footprint, and also because of the limited amount of scientific research on this topic, it is rather challenging to calculate the carbon footprint of minting an NFT. An estimation by Digiconomist suggests that a transaction with Etherium produces a carbon footprint of 33.4kg CO2. Memo Akten, programmer, and artist, assumes there is a carbon footprint of about 48kg CO2 in an average NFT transaction. As we all know, we need to pay attention to the fact that there is another transaction every time an NFT is sold or minted.

How THEOS can change that

Which blockchain protocol to choose is a critical area of focus for THEOS, as we must take steps to align our social and environmental responsibility with the sustainability and vision of the underlying protocol.



THEOS is a carbon-neutral, decentralised ecosystem design that is set to accommodate the demands of the emerging NFT ‘hyper-economy’. We are building an NFT marketplace focused on empowering the global community through key mission-driven focus areas.

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