It’s All Bad, Till It’s A Little Better
John Battelle

A nasty turn of events

A nasty turn of events. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Or is it a Pyrrhic victory? We are completely immersed and depressed by the size of the screwing that we have delivered to ourselves. Yes, it’s real bad. And the path to better is increasingly complex in a world already too complex for a significant portion of, even, the post-industrial populations. So we have, yet again, heightened complexity in a non-linear reality. We are so screwed.

From an engineering perspective we have layered problems with a path to correction that requires counter intuitive fixes on different levels of the problem. In essence, as John Battelle adds, the only ‘a little better’ is a larger and stronger dose of what is what was used to screw us up. And for the population group that is binary by nature, who have been taught that there is no logic or knowledge above superstition, the only answer is to destroy the future and pretend to live in an imagined past. So we waste time and energy fighting antique battles with people who are completely unable to understand even the most superficial layers of the reality that we are facing. It’s like being attacked by outraged ducks while trying to understand and disarm a nuclear time bomb. And it’s not the damn duck’s fault. In fact they will be the primary beneficiaries.

As I said, we are just about totally screwed. But I’ll be damned if I will let the ducks win.