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As we watch Trump burn out . . .

This is not another rehash of the week’s Trump disaster. On purely subjective level, at least for those who are not paid to generate content everyday, there has been a change and a reduction in the coverage. This is an amazing study in the collapse of democracy in the America or the American Age. Let me correct that, it is an amazing study in the perception and communication of this historical change through the new filter of direct, virtual democracy.

This process has been monitored, moderated, and defined by the people of this country themselves. We have reported, commented, tracked, analyzed, satirized, and shaped the mass perception and it’s fringes without the aid of the old society’s establishment media. The old mass media has not disappeared but has steadily become a bit player in the communication that is the essence of modern democracy. It is the inhabitants of America, citizens in the old sense, interested non-residents, marginalized population segments that have and are forming the new society of the Virtual America from the perspective of it’s emerging metropoles or regional urban centers and their adjoining areas.

In the midst of trauma, social collapse, economic confusion, and train wreck of an insane pretender to the old office of President of the United States and, the party based political system that allowed him to happen, we have begun the paradigmatic change to a new society. What, how did that happen? Obviously the trauma facing the post industrial world has distracted from the changes happening in response to that trauma. Part of that distraction is the nature of this change that is new and unprecedented. Part of it is also it’s being centered in the new virtual world that still leaves much of the planetary population cutoff in the old limited world of geography and distance. But this is also not a single static world of establishment institutions based in physical buildings or geographically defined political regions but a world of layered virtual societies and constituencies in constant dynamic interaction.

From this perspective it’s obvious that, at least, the post industrial world is moving through the shock of neofascism after being properly chastised for not caring about the gross economic distortions of late stage capitalism in the transition to a global economy. The problems are increasingly localized in Turkey, Poland, and Venezuela, North Korea. There will be more and the very large issue of the world lead by China that has a very different and limited democratic tradition will need years of work. But we are talking about it in, I think, an surprisingly sophisticated way without any help from the old political systems or the old media.

And that is why the shift in the virtual discussion of Trump’s shenanigans, egregious and stupid mistakes, and the complete failure of the old US political parties to be anything other than very non-humorous slapstick comedians, now inspires some confidence that we have turned a corner for the good.

No, we are not out of the woods and this is definitely not Kansas anymore, but the final days of Trump and his cohort of incompetents sycophants requires ever larger doses of bad propaganda to gene support from the diehard followers. And we know who they are and have worked through the situational analysis of how they got to this situation and were able to trigger the final disaster of the American Age. But we are moving through this.

To put it simple, Washington is an administrative center for a big part of the North American region but is no longer a political center except for the remnants of the Democratic and Republican Parties who are continuing to act out their skits and, increasingly, irrelevant rituals. The emerging metropoles have successfully blocked ridiculous ethnic bans on Islamic related peoples, destruction of the rudimentary US national healthcare system has been blocked, and, now, the US military has simply refused to pay attention to a particularly asinine attempt to distract attention from Trump’s impending removal.

We are learning how to deal with this directly by constant communication and the full range of analysis and opinions from everyone who can write and post. The self referencing bubbles were a problem only for a percentage of the population and that appears to be self correcting once people realize that it can happen. It is the nature of this new democracy that AI will feed us what we are interested in hearing but we must control that and work to counteract it. That, in my opinion, is much better than some imposed “corrrection” the virtual, social media. We need to take responsibility for our information feeds as citizens of this new world and I think (fingers crossed behind my back) that we are doing that. Neofascists and those who use AI and propaganda to distort information cannot stand against people who understand how this stuff works and that we can correct by simply widening our list of sources and being careful to confirm their validity.

I think we will see Trump fade a bit more from our new media channels. The exception is from the old, establishment media that still works as if they were the sole source of information so must say something constantly even if there is nothing important to say. They, alone, are now keeping Trump alive just as they helped elect him by the need to sell advertising placed in a continuous stream of “news”. They need to find a new business model.




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