The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

Dave Pell is doing a job that I respect more with each piece. We each are dealing with this from our own perspective but there is a baseline that is beginning to cascade. That baseline is neither right nor left. Trump, Pence, and lackeys that have clustered around them are evil. That evil is shown by sheer incompetence, emotional immaturity, and the complete disregard for truth, integrity and the well being of people. These are not political issues. These are the morals, ethics, and respect that define civilization. This country has long lost any exceptionalism it may have had but it is still the most powerful and feared and must be held to a higher standard. Trump and those that acquiesced to him have poisoned our national society and are poisoning, now, our planetary society. I will grant that the majority of people who have hitched onto Trump are not evil but simply stupid or greedy and usually both. They are learning what that means as there is no honor to be had and the future is a fast trip under the bus. And those that don’t realize the nature of the evil they are supporting are soon going to be hard to protect. Politics can protect stupidity and disagreement but not evil. We are beyond politics.