I can.
David Piepgrass

You provided excellent links showing the process of education information verification does require broader relevant knowledge. This can be achieved by incremental development. Unfortunately the problem we face is not simply with people influenced by bad information but automated, AI based manipulation of specific constituencies in the last election. Here is preliminary research paper on this HERE.

Campaign finance reform was attempted with incremental limits on donation size tied to federal funding. We ended up with Citizens United just cut to the chase. We are much farther away than anytime in the last century. You actually think there is a chance to get Congress, whatever their initial intentions, to finally enact serious reform now?

What you are describing taken in the context of the accelerating collapse of our political system, requires revolutionary change. The basic concepts of pseudo representative, tiered government is completely out of sync with our emerging polymorphic, networked, urban societies. It is simply no longer relevant.

And, finally, we do not have time. The climate disaster is on us and will overwhelm our civilization with massive migrations, resource wars, and xenophobic feudalism. The Trump regime is the start of the collapse. Incremental change was tried and now the system is failing. With that we must avoid decent into violence. To achieve that we must act quickly and decisively with at least a basic majority committed to a totally new experiment in active, diverse, sustainable democracy on a personal level. I’m afraid anything less is a death sentence.