Expect Surprises

I wonder how soon we won’t have John McCain to kick around anymore? It seemed as if he had wandered into the wrong room and found a hearing going on and decided it must be about Hilary Clinton. Oh well. It wasn’t. This is another case of one of the few survivors of the old days when the Republican party had some pretense of validity showing up as even older and more befuddled than we expected.

The fact that Trump wasn’t finished off in one morning of one hearing seems to be the point of celebration for the scum who still support him. It’s hard to be anything but scum when you’re defending an incompetent liar by claiming that he just doesn’t know what he is doing. So give him a break? No.

It will now be a steady piling up of flammable materials around the Trumpster with people walking around carrying cans of gasoline while they flick their lighters (do people carry lighters anymore?) until the Donald freaks and resigns. That’s my prediction. No smoking guns but several with warm barrels in suspicious places. We can, at least, expect whatever Trump thought he was going to do, if anything other than fill his pockets, is now finished. It’s a matter of how long he can hold on. Meanwhile the pitiful remnants of the US government will shuffle around and prove, again, their incompetence by voting to remove Obamacare over and over again. I expect the Trumpster will make increasingly outrageous claims of glorious accomplishments which will be increasingly the subject of embarrassed silences.

Meanwhile the other half of the great 2016 debacle, Theresa May, seems to have discovered things are not what they seemed. Dependent on the accuracy of the projections, very definitely a long pause there, in predicting a truly hung parliament we may have both indicators of a dark and swarmy future skidding into the ditch before they actually got anywhere. Sadly whatever happens after this for both, the wheels have definitely come off the two oldest leaders to the capitalist world. They may have averted a complete crash but they are both, now, also rans.

But what does it mean? I don’t think we can draw anything too encouraging from either of these developing events. Basically the world is moving onto a different track and continuing to pick up speed. A large percentage of the population haven’t quite realized, in the US and GB, that they missed a turn back a ways and are now in the elephant graveyard. So they will continue to thrash around as more and more of them realize they are in the wrong place and start the long quest to where everyone else is going. And that is not a neofascist world.

In times of major paradigm shift there is enough confusion and misdirection to keep everyone befuddled. Everyone needs to work at this and the future is not simply another version of the recent past. We are deep into change and we have received a lesson about that on this Thursday in June.