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Finding Earth 2

Identifying the Currents

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The Dangerous Currents

The accelerating changes that are eroding the structural foundations of the 21st century world are centered around nation-state politics and economics. The eroding currents have deformed the dominant capitalist economic and semi-representative political systems that rose to dominance in the 20th century. The massive changes produced by information technology, conversion of all information to digital forms, internet, social media, and growing virtualization delivering power to individuals once beyond the reach of the most advanced nation states, cannot be contained by 18th century political models or 19th century economics. At the most fundamental level the balance of power has now shifted from national political elites to individuals and crowd sourced groups. This is the essence of the paradigm shift that is irreversible and has destroyed two centuries of “modern” social structure. But what does this mean for day to day reality?

Currents away from the nation-state

At the planetary level the process is still building and has not yet hit a takeoff point as the US has with political collapse. But these currents and changes are complex, recursive, and entangled at many levels. To simplify this let’s look at the high level changes that are most important now. The scientific consensus is that climate change resulting from the transition to the Anthropocene geologic age is at a critical stage and represents that greatest challenge our species has ever faced. Major change to our attitudes and actions as they affect our planet must happen within the next few years to avoid disastrous destruction to human civilization. This is entangled in the paradigm shift that we are racing through. While the numbers are difficult to determine, international agreements (Paris 2015) and individual nation-state declarations, e.g. EU and China, seem so show that this is clearly understood by a majority of the human population. Denial of this reality is also clearly a product of the refusal to give up the current failing socioeconomic and political structures that have caused the disaster. This is a nasty alliance between the exploiters with minimum sensitivity to others who have control of the old system and the chaos opportunists who take advantage of the reaction to language shifts.



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