And The Next Baseless Smear Is…Bank Fraud.
Alfonso KC

Good explanation of an attack that was difficult to sort out, not because of suspicion of Bernie Sanders, but because of his wife’s role in a college failure. The fact that the loan was an attempt to further the college and had no personal gain should have ended any of coverage of this. I see this as a media failure. But not a failure in digging into the affairs of people, including their partners and family, in political positions but in not maintaining resistance to manipulation for something other than the truth. Unfortunately there will be no end of this in a system with fully corrupt and controlled media. If there is a dollar to be had they will pursue any story they can, particularly if their owners wish it.

On the bigger stage I’m surprised that this seems to be focused on the 2018 election as if it will happen. This is, I think, a tremendous waste of the popularity of Sanders as an independent democratic socialist that you show so clearly in your graphs. While personal independence and honesty are factors, his popularity is based on simply standing for what the majority of the population desperately wants and will not be allowed to have in this collapsing political system. Both official political parties are clearly intellectually bankrupt and, arguably, indistinguishable from criminal organizations. I would suggest cutting ties with the existing party structure as there is no future there. I certainly don’t know how this will play out but I strongly suspect that unless something is done this year any election held next year will be a farce. That is if you consider the last election to be anything other than a farce.

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