I watched the first 34 minutes of Tucker Carlson last night.
DJ Waldow

I, along with many others here, obviously respect your commitment and admire your tenacity in attempting to see some value, or some kind of logic, in the Trump phenomenon. That is critical in families caught in political and social collapse. I would suggest, with caution, that communication is important for family and friends that are personally important to you. In the larger picture it is important to pay attention to the workings of the various forms of political manipulation and propaganda as this system unravels but you will not find what you are searching for. You noted it in looking at Fox media. There is no interest in facts, only an endless effort to build memes that take small facts and build larger fantasies that are then merged with tangential facts creating confusion. The following day the whole thing starts over.

This is an incredibly interesting process but it denies the value of facts and seeks only to create confusion and dependency. Rational analysis is, by definition, a lie because it would begin to remove confusion. So there can only be a diametrical opposition between any type of factual reporting and what happens in the Trump world. Trump, himself, is, of course. incidental except as his mental condition deteriorates he creates greater and greater confusion and that is useful to his owners.

So, again on a personal level, the danger is being drawn into a black hole of propaganda and mass manipulation. Ironically a pathological narcissist with practice as a public figure, money, and power is also very much like a black hole. Everything is pulled in and nothing escapes the event horizon. Watching people steadily pulled in and destroyed is fascinating just as bloody accidents and public executions always attract excited crowds and people obviously enjoying themselves. That is warning of the risks involved. A couple of responders here were also warning of this.

While this propaganda process was developed by the KGB, Putin has taken it to high level with a lot of international and technical help. Needless to say it works very well indeed. But that is far beyond the personal level.

The critical distinction is that the remaining trump supporters have no interest in facts so communication will be predominantly one way. They are completely committed to daily faith in that day’s reality construct and that day or week’s evil spirits. Unless they have a personal connection to you that is important, don’t get involved. And be prepared to move away if that becomes necessary. This is going to end tragically but how tragically depends on how careful we all are to avoid conflict and isolate the problem. On a positive note this won’t last long as things are changing very rapidly but we are now operating at a level of complexity at the edge of our abilities to understand. So stay aware.

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