Trump is winning the right war
Tomas Pueyo

I was about to counter this story but saw that Scott Badenoch had already made all my points. Thank you, Scott. The only thing I will add is that, because we are truly in phase/paradigm shift, the meanings of the words we use change almost daily. This story was still slightly relevant two weeks ago but is now simply wrong. Trump is what he is and has little understanding of the implications of what he does. He is frequently irrational and increasingly uncontrollable which was over analyzed as some sort of brilliant strategy. No and it no longer matters if it ever did. This part of what is happening globally is the result of political system and economic failure. Trump shouldn’t have happened but a minority of low information voters who are suffering disproportionately in this phase of the change were used for a short term power grab by a decayed political party. It just means things go faster and are more brutish. The urban centers are the source of change and new systems. The rapid expansion of sanctuary cities my be the actual revolution. It’s changing fast . . .

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