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I wonder if Trump’s fate is already decided? It’s hard not to be too hopeful but this is very interesting and the sequence of semi-official events since November 8 is even more interesting. We are now so far outside the ordinary that I don’t think anyone will be surprised by anything. The revelations today come from the Guardian and John McCann traveled to Europe to talk to the source. When one of the most senior Republican senators does this I think it is time to expect the unbelievable. If I were looking at another country and seeing the accusations brought against a incompetent, minority president elect combined with the continuing war within the country's intelligence community, I would expect a carefully timed removal of the problem. It is hard to imagine but it is also hard to imagine that the actual ruling elite of this country will allow an erratic, bumbling fool now blatantly identified as compromised by Russia to be given the chance to destroy the planet. There comes a time when things get out of hand and the forces that actually rule need to fix things. It can all be glossed over and the removal of the threat will allow a return to normalcy. No, I don’t think it will work this time but what choice do they have? The systems are broken and we all know that. Idiots in the presidency can be tolerated and controlled but truly erratic and wildly impulsive idiots cannot. And Trump appears to have no clue. We will see what happens . . .

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