Artificial intelligence chatbots will overwhelm human speech online; the rise of MADCOMs
Matt Chessen

If I may cut to the chase. . . This excellent paper may already have put you at risk. But this is probably the best way to deal with the warp speed development of MADCOM. We need massive visibility and, as you make clear at the end, humans are already being overwhelmed. For all of us in the IT/AI community action needs to be taken. I try to bring this into focus TheOtherLeft but things are getting very scary and many of us our realizing this now. I’ve been conversing with Kate Starbird at HCI & Design at University of Washington about this which is visible here:

And from the AI as savior side here:

My part of these conversations links back to my publication. Perhaps, given the growing influence of Medium a new community publication could be built? It would need to serve the technical community with central MADCOM updates and tools and continuous training for the public. I don’t have a development team but can provide writing and editing support. A little coordination would help. . .

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