Protests Feed What They Oppose
Joe Brewer

Phase shift needed

Rather than declaring all of the emotional energy and time in marches for the Resistance as pointless or, worse, wasted, perhaps we simply shift to a higher gear (an antiquated analogy) or phase shift to positive rather than purely negative. The Resistance is the most encouraging embodiment of the change we need but, you are absolutely correct, it is failing as the victories are few while the destruction of our future is relentless. The old systems are continuing to fail but that isn’t obvious enough to the people who are isolated from the rapidly evolving planetary culture. That is the feeding ground for the old forces of greed and exploitation as they play to fear and bigotry everywhere. The old tricks still work for the isolated and disconnected. The tragedy is that we allowed those forces to gain control of the government and that can’t be changed until people are ready to change. Too many are not ready because a war of slow attrition is incredibly exhausting without specific goals.

The media is sliding ever deeper into bland acceptance because they are owned by the old and greed rules. And the very people who need to drive this change are busy and it’s easy to just begin focusing on family and profession. The constant gestapo immigration raids (no longer covered) aren’t happening next door.

But we do not have time. The growing climate disaster is being questioned and downplayed constantly. We are facing a rapidly growing social impact from drought, flood, coastal inundation, and mass migration of refugees. This has already driven the knee jerk reaction of the oligarchies and brought out the nationalists and fascists who have only the old military answers. This is what we are facing. If they can delay to revolutionary cultural changes for a few years we will have only a semi-feudal state as our future.

Obviously I’m agreeing that cultural evolution is what must happen and will happen for good or ultimate evil. But we are at a planetary inflection point and many people realize that but we have no leadership and no model to work toward because we are in totally new territory for our species and our planet. I’m afraid the clarion call of Cultural Evolution isn’t exactly the galvanizing force we need.

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