The Impossibility of the Good
umair haque

The Change

Sadly many of us are becoming better writers in attempting to understand and find a way through this suddenly accelerating collapse. This is tragically beautiful in its description of a failing civilization. I have spent many words trying to understand and explain the underlying paradigm or phase shift that has caused the split that is now at its most extreme. While the causes of this are most directly technological they are also simply evolutionary. Evolution is the ultimate process of this universe and we have barely begun to understand it but we cannot call a pause while we sort things out. Our numbers and effects on this planet are growing factors in the life or death of the planet for all creatures similar to us. The variables act and react whether we agree or not. Evolution does not guarantee a good end or even survival. We have been for a century or more playing at the planetary level with slowly dawning realization.

As more and more people have begun to realize we cannot allow the old to continue to block the new human reality that we need to survive. Our values need to change drastically and at the planetary level, That is why the old values can no longer be shared because they are no longer valid for the majority of people. The new values have been emerging and have steadily begun to make sense to many people but many others are caught in the old understanding. And the percentage of the population prone to authoritarian thinking are reactionary by nature and become most violent in times of profound change. The old must collapse and be cleared away for the new to build a shared minimum consensus. Can we do it?

Sadly our actions have triggered the elements of change perhaps before we can forge a new social fabric to define their new values. This is moving so quickly now that we are stunned constantly by the similarity of failure in almost all post-industrial states. For the failed industrial states or preindustrial states the forces of the old imperial greed with the growing impact of climate change has ignited chronic war and destruction driving hundreds of millions into poverty and flight. The dead hand of fascism bent on destruction pushes back against all values with only brutality, selfishness and greed. Thankfully they are a minority and their stupidity causes them to fail at everything they attempt. But the new is still vague and easy to doubt while the fascists denounce everything but death.

I don’t usually do this but reviewing the responses to this follow a pattern that has become very clear in the last three or four months and definitely in the last six weeks. The majority of comments, positive or pessimistic, are describing the emerging elements of the new reality. These appear to be: 1) Planetary stewardship, 2) Intellect replacing material wealth as value, 3) Decentralized economics with block chains replacing much of the old governmental structures and currencies, 4) Limited political power in allied metropolitan regions dedicated to diversity, sustainable resource management with universal basic incomes, 5) AI and robotic replacement of basic production freeing humans for creativity and satisfying work. These are being discussed constantly and by growing numbers of people and being implemented now.

The transition could be as simple as all major metropolitan areas (California already) becoming Sanctuaries not just for the migrants but for the new. The severing of revenue ties to the old governments would cause them to shrink and collapse. In the US with 40% already seeing the end of the failed political administration we may be able to do this with minimum violence. Yes, this is very hopeful but the very lack of shared values is already allowing new values to appear around us everyday. Women are leading, the majority will be brown and black, the diversity will be welcoming. After all the haters have only hate to offer and the majority (now) sees there is no alternative but to change quickly.

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