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We are so screwed.

We’ve been screwed to the floor, walls, and ceiling. There hasn’t been a single minute over the last year when we weren’t being screwed. We’ve been screwed even while we were being screwed. That gets complicated. We don’t even know who is screwing us now as Donald the dump seems to have trouble finding his ass let alone his dick. The only one left is Sarah Huckleberry and she is a little hard to visualize as having anything to do with screwing. That’s probably a good thing.

So, ok, we have a serious nut job asshole as president. The guy has been in full cry for the last twelve months making a complete ass out of himself while proving why there is a minimum level of competence necessary for the president’s job. He not only doesn’t know what that is but wouldn’t recognize it if it came up and bit him on the ass. We know this and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about it because the only people who have gotten into politics in the last twenty or so years are spineless, multicellular life forms who leave wet places on the floor as their primary output. And that’s the democratic ones, the republican ones have devolved into wet piles of shit. At least they don’t move around much other than to search for Trump’s little willy that won’t stand up in order to gain favor. Wait, a navy doc declared him healthy. Let’s hope that is a trick because they don’t want to tell him that survival without a brain is really unlikely.

Part of being screwed is that no one is going to invite this guy anywhere now. There was hope that Air Force 1/2 or maybe 1/4 would disappear and never be found again but if no one will have the asshole around we are out of luck. Unfortunately that would be really bad for the poor folks who have to ride around with this guy. That is suffering enough as it seems, courtesy of Michael Wolff, that no one in his family is comfortable around the bum. So now we’re going to have this asshole hanging around Washington with no place to go talking stupid and refusing to shut the fuck up. I think we have a claim for crimes against humanity just from listening to shit about this guy everyday.

I wish everyone would just admit we’re screwed and not talk about this anymore. Enough already. We’ve got a national government made up of a bozo and a whole collection of amoebic life forms who have lost any connection to reality. All they do is ooze shit and quiver. “Oh my god, he called Haiti and Africa shit holes. That’s not nice! Those people might get upset! Shame , shame,” And that’s the democrats, “oh my goodness, we have to control this situation. We must make sure not to say anything. People might think we think! We have to pretend we have no idea what a racist asshole Trump is because someone might expect us TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Holy shit on a stick, we can’t have that!” Don’t worry. You’re safe. No one would ever expect worthless amoebic slime to do anything meaningful.

Obviously what passes for Republican has done absolutely nothing since scum bucket ran his mouth off in front of a bunch of people the other day. The only thing I’ve seen is four Republicans (I use the word with difficulty) who, I understand, are not white racists but racists of other colors working on being white racists. These folks apparently in some state of confusion (“who am I and what am I doing here, oh. . .”) announced they were disappointed that the scum bucket publicly called countries of people of color “shit holes” and people just like them worthless. I don’t know that ‘disappointed’ does anything to clarify the situation. Are they upset that he didn’t get into calling them subhuman? What the fuck are they disappointed about? That they weren’t personally called into the room to be whipped and pissed on?

My god, the Norwegians were more upset and Trump thinks he likes them. Thinking about it I would be more upset if Trump said he likes me. That is a fate that puts you below unicellular life forms. Shit, that puts you lower than a damn rock in the tree of life. So while the rest of the planet registers its outrage at the stupid ass US for allowing a racist criminal to sit in the White House and call other countries names, our entire national leadership packed up and left for the weekend leaving wet slime and shit streaks on the ground behind them.

I hate to tell you folks but this is not going to clear up over the Martin Luther King weekend so you can get back to good old fashioned scum sucking between fits of abject cowardice next week. The fool blew it. Bigly.

The accidental missile alert we had in Hawaii Saturday morning was a wake up call. No one knew what to think because there is an idiot surrounded by smaller idiots who has been given a year to pretend to be president. I know what I thought, did the asshole send a particularly obscene tweet to Kim Jong-Un that set him over the line? Folks, that is totally possible. You try getting a missile inbound alert on a bright Saturday morning and find that you are not really surprised and you will realize how far gone we are.

Enough. We need to remove the nest of idiots in both the Executive branch and Congress. They are all guilty of crimes or are directly complicit by refusing to do anything but quiver in their wet underwear. How do we do this? Here is an outline:

  • The ex-presidents should take it upon themselves to meet and determine a course of action immediately. If the elder Bush is not up to it connect him via Skype, dammit. That makes two Democrats and two Republicans.
  • Have them declare themselves the Emergency Executive Committee for one year with an additional year if needed.
  • Immediately place the leadership of Congress under house arrest and halt all legislative activity. The government administration can work without these bozos for a while. The can’t do anything anyway.
  • Remove Trump and Pence as threats to humanity.
  • Issue a formal apology to the majority of US citizens who did not cause this disaster.
  • Issue an apology to the rest of the planet for having put everyone at risk for a year due to stupidity and a failed political system.
  • Bring all the governors together impaneled as an Emergency Legislative Committee.
  • Request proposals to fix things from anyone interested in suggesting a fix and start meetings to discuss this from March for the rest of the 2018.

We should all contribute along with everyone else who gives a shit about what is happening. If we don’t take this thing directly the oligarchic assholes are going to hire extras to set up a big show (they are already planning) and there really will be nothing left for anyone else. Let’s see if we can get something done that no one can believe would actually happen. Let’s surprise the planet the right way for a change. We used to be able to that but we let people who wanted greed above all take things over and this is what we got.

And before someone says something stupid, I know this is not constitutional or “legal”. What we have is not “legal” or constitutional.

If someone wants to howl because we would have a multiparty executive, how else are we going to save this place? What we have no longer works.

This is not any of the old bullshit, forget all the old names, but something new that needs to happen that is neither small government or big government or any dead battle over shit in the 20th century. In case you haven’t noticed we are long gone from the 20th century and that is a big part of the problem. We have too many people who just can’t let the old shit go.

Now is the time.




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