What I meant was there are no truly Socialist Countries there like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cuba or…
Al Black

Thank you. Nice analysis. We are dealing with a transition, i.e. phase shift that is making almost all of this irrelevant. Capitalism is structurally unable to function in a sustainable economy as growth must be limited. As you noted market economics need to be carefully managed as they are prone to consolidation of wealth in few hands. The current model of representative democracy is failing and too prone to corruption. There is no reason that we cannot now move to direct democracy with AI augmentation.

We need to change the way we deal with value. I’m betting that block chain will replace most of the remnants of capitalism by distributing fully decentralized planetary assets and most government services. This will also make the 18th century nation state redundant. Virtual communities will, as they are beginning to do, overlay smaller geographic administrative units. Value is moving to intellectual property from material goods and diversity in populations is being recognized as the most valuable asset. This makes the open movement of people with preservation of diversity critical to the new economy.

Given the rapidity of change I think this will be part of the ongoing breakup of the larger, failing states in the next few years. I don’t think the US will survive this year in its present form. This is going to be traumatic for conservative personality types but will open up tremendous potential. We already have significant populations living in different and incompatible worlds. This will increase. The result will be self segregation but we need active communication to keep communities in virtual proximity or just in touch.

It’s going be very exciting. The downside is if we don’t get control of our climate and mediate the different stages of population we’ll mostly all die.

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