but the conscious problem of racism is fortunately on its death bed, ACCORDING TO THE DATA.
The reality, as we see daily, is that people simply remain racist although they be careful showing…
Kady M.

Thank you. That is interesting data from fivethirtyeight. The overall trend is one I would expect but the data point you chose misses a lot. I would also note that the data set ends at Obama’s first year in office. What followed was eight years of obstruction and increasingly racist fomentations by the remainder of the Republican Party. And that plays on the unconscious racism that can be quickly brought out by crude opportunists such as Trump. I would prefer semiconscious racism to unconscious. This supports institutionalized racism that seems far more tenacious.

A larger problem with limitations of your data is the large difference in perspective by race. This is where semiconscious racism survives. Here is some more recent data from Pew:

This shows a significant gap that the white population does not see. This is the type of racism that remains and allows institutionalized racism to survive.

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