Trump’s 7 Possible Futures, Post-Don Jr.
Nicholas Grossman

The Alt Post Jr. Future Alternative

Let me suggest another alternative. The twice weekly arrival of ‘another outrage’ has already made the attention span for anyone of these things about three days. The immediate launch of a completely bogus ‘alternative outrage’ makes it impossible for any US news organization to remember which came first so all the outrages then become ‘old news’. No one cares about old news. But, unlike US news organizations, many people remember that there have been many outrages and no one in government does anything about them except launch yet another grossly incompetent attempt to remove everyone’s healthcare. This repeats until 2018 when California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii declare a Pacific Alliance and stop sending money to Washington DC. Trump declares a national emergency, cancels the 2018 election. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Austin then declare themselves independent cities forming the American Alliance. And, on discovering that the remaining states of the US have no net revenue, Trump liquidates them to Russia and retires.

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