You did ignore old, white people
Oops! You did ignore old, white people in favor of identity politics and you got… Donald Trump.
Mike Essig

The article I was responding to identified the makeup of Trump voters with the proverbial high school educated white male as an actual proportional minority. Women and People of Color are a proportionate majority in that group. My point was not identity politics but the part of the Trump electorate that is most important to empower. Women and People of Color are a majority of the electorate. Those are the people that have been denied political power and those who voted for Trump are almost certainly regretting it but they need to be addressed both politically and economically. Neither political party is interested in doing that because they are owned by two factions of the same neoliberal oligarchy. Hilary Clinton was a better option because of competence (people are learning what that means now) and by being a woman beginning to respond to those ignored by the neoliberal elite even though she was part of that from her Goldwater days. Not much better but at least competent and subject to change. But that is gone and we need to deal with reality not what once was but what will be very soon . . . The new majority.

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