Here are some reasons to be optimistic and grateful for our current situation which I believe was…
Ali Rafatjah

The combination of disruptive change agents often categorized as the singularity is forcing evolutionary change psychologically, socially, culturally, and biologically. The later for the first time via designed augmentation. In paradigmatic shifts the experts in the old paradigm categorize changes as significant but almost completely in the conceptual language of the old system(s). That is the language that is changing destroying the old logic. Particularly in capitalist finance the experts are reliant on trend analysis hence their fervent faith that everything will continue with manageable adjustments. That is not the type of change that is happening.

Historically the rise of capitalism and market economics produced the first great concentration of wealth that has lifted much of the planet out of marginal subsistence poverty. This is not in question. Structural problems makes it unsustainable as we approach post-scarcity. In post industrial societies it is already failing triggering social pathology.

Capitalism was a stage. Not an end. As planetary requirements change old solutions themselves become pathological. That is what has happened.

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