disrupt the existing two-party structure, and either compel it to transform for the better, or be replaced by something better.
Republican insider: Trump is creating Deep State 2.0, but it might crash the economy (EXCLUSIVE)
Nafeez Ahmed

The fundamental political change has started . . .

This highlighted statement from a very interesting article on the connection of Trump to the Deep State will probably not be remembered but it is the beginning of a fundamental transition in America. We clearly have a majority of the population in the US seriously upset with the direction and erratic nature of the Trump presidency. Referencing continuous national polling Trump is very unpopular after one month in office. Recent polls suggest that at least 40% of the population wants him removed by some means. Yet there are still a hard core of supporters who insist on seeing positive things in the endless list of scandals, incompetence, and rapidly spreading corruption. These are all, however, opinions and attitudes without any path for immediate action.

This is, unfortunately, part of a planetary shift in human culture driven by population, cultural, economic, and political change making creating a complex, non-linear sand pile almost impossible for us to sort out. We know things are going terribly wrong but the habits of being head down and driven by the expectations of our jobs have made us accomplices in a disaster of historic proportions. But as with most disasters that definition depends on your position. Disasters also end up as opportunities for major change and, historically, major change usually produces a new age of wealth and standards of well being. Revolutions are best dealt with by joining them. But if you move too soon you may bet on the wrong horse. If you move to slow you are swept out with the old. The non-linearity of our world economic and climate problems allowed an intellectually bankrupt political party system to gain control of the declining but still wealthiest and most powerful country on the planet by accepting leadership of a mentally deformed individual. An understandable mistake on the part of poorly informed voters acting on the basis of, effective, traditional single party rule. In the worst case things wouldn’t change and if they did it would be toward more not less of what is needed. The point is that there is no existing way to correct this type of mistake in this kind of situation as it has never happened in US history.

The fundamental change that is now being realized is that this is not something that can wait for a secondary election in 2018. The problems with collapse of the political system are directly affected by the collapse of our language. Decades of steady erosion of education has created a significant minority of the population to assume that Neolithic mythology, the interpretation of which is incidentally very helpful to the ruling oligarchy, cannot be questioned without threatening their grasp of reality. And that is already very tenuous in an accelerating paradigmatic shift to virtualized urban planetary culture totally dependent on a full scientific world view for survival.

Our political system, and that of all other post industrial societies needs to begin to change immediately. This cannot wait. Destruction of our planet’s climate and the completely interrelated political and population upheavals can only be managed with effective planetary alliances supporting the well being of the entire population and entire biosphere. Allowing people to make policies destructive to our long term survival is not an option. Allowing the traditional models of semi-democratic rule to work on the assumption that common sense is all that is needed to determine the welfare of our communities in a time of complete change only guarantees failure. We cannot afford that . . .

Online, open communities need to self organize to address the political change that is needed. Direct democracy with ignorance actively denounced is the route to a new, effective human self government.