Want to save local news? Kill off local newspapers. Really.
Dr. Denny Wilkins

The New Local Journalism Already Exists

Just as a suggestion it would seem to make sense to go with the flow. Going against the flow doesn’t work well and you have well described the general worthlessness of local newspaper. As everyone knows these now exist solely to deliver weekly supermarket coupons, Except, of course, those are delivered automatically to their frequent buyer account. Otherwise they are destined for the landfill.

The flow is digital and the media are people who communicate online. Let’s use Medium as the example. Why wouldn’t it make sense to begin organizing publications in Medium for local government news and information? The link is to find people with an interest in local areas. Obviously people who live full time or part time in an area would qualify but also people nostalgic for where they grew up or with family still there. Vacation areas would have interest from previous or potential visitors. Ok, that is logical.

Again, the Medium model could possibly work because if you have interest in something and enjoy researching a writing you may find something to write about for a number of area specific publications. I would. This is the apparent reality of our emerging economy that will be supported by UBI with every working at a variety of gigs some of which may provide additional income. Local news could have a real resurgence in this situation. If the local news publication is successful there may be advertising or, better yer, grant funding from local government and business. They would then an interest in promoting the publication(s) for their area.

The point is that I have realized we should make everyone a journalist. That’s what’s happening without being recognized. Let’s make it real. Local news could be a very good way to build this idea.

Ok, just an idea.

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