The Not Secret

I’m getting tired of reading about this happiness crap. You start to get old and things bother you. Like people running the secret of happiness scam. I think that one’s been around since we got beyond a dozen or so guttural utterances. And no one has paid any real attention to any of them yet. Not that they don’t try whatever the secret is but it either is too complicated, too simple, or they get interrupted by an opportunity to eat or fuck. That takes care of that. At least until the longer term implications of eating and/or fucking present themselves in a way not conducive to happiness. Then the question is, why the hell did I do that?

So we spend our life looking for the secret of happiness and then looking for a way to escape the unhappy result. Somehow people never connect these things together until it is too late. So here’s a break . . .

Just wait for it. That’s all. Being happy takes a lot of time. If you’re luck, and you last long enough, you’ll wake up one day happy. It’s a bit of shock because you’ve already spent so much time being unhappy and more time looking for happiness and then it sneaks in the backdoor and you wake up with it. Happened to me and I thought I was sick. Wow, felt really weird. Like really good but didn’t need anything. Nope, didn’t take any new drugs. Hmm, got to figure this out.

I finally eliminated all the alternatives and decided I was happy. No reason for it. Well, none of the standard reasons for it for like making a lot of money or becoming famous. I know for sure those are not the way to happiness. Usually they get in the way but mostly they just don’t seem to have much to do with it at all. And once I realized it I got to looking forward to every morning and evening. Then I slowly realized that part of this was not really wanting anything anymore as in, I really want to have that thing. I kind of like the thing I’ve got. Might get a new one one day but don’t need it right now. And that revealed itself to be another layer of happiness. It’s nice not having to work at sustainability or environmental support because happiness makes it come kind of naturally.

There’s one big problem remaining that I have to deal with as best I can and that’s all the fucking unhappiness in the world. They just have to wait for it though many will struggle and die before they have that morning. But that is something that we can all work on. We need to eliminate the things that block happiness for everyone until it is too late for them. Now that is a really straight forward and satisfying thing to work for but there are some real challenges. There are a percentage of people who try to get happiness by making other people miserable. But I’ve decided that is just a disease. Help people along or, at least, leave them alone and, someday, we’ll all wake up happy. We all need to agree that greed and making people miserable for your own benefit is just not the path to happiness but that hasn’t happened yet so we need to work around that a bit. If you’re happy you can act to block people bringing unhappiness to others and not lose any sleep. That’s another kind of happiness.

So if you’re not happy you’re probably just not old enough yet. And too busy to notice that you’re happy. Wait for it . . .