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The Problem with Religion is Religion

It’s not bad people or good people or all the ways to define god so you can say you have god without really saying it. That’s how most people let religious people who aren’t assholes get away with being acceptably religious. I use to think that was alright until I started getting old and I realized that was still bullshit. Yes, look at that little belief right there, hardly any bullshit on it at all. Why you could lick that little thing and hardly taste the shit.

No. Most people left in the world of religion spend an inordinate amount of mental energy trying to convince themselves the bullshit isn’t a problem. Besides we’ve all cut back on bullshit along with fats and sugar. It’s just getting that shit intake at a reasonable level. We do it just to be sociable. No. The problem isn’t the assholes really into shit because there’s always extremists. We can all feel sorry for them. It’s the touch of religion. Just a little bit.

There is no good religion. It’s like cancer. There’s no good about it. It opens a crack in the foundations of our minds that lets the irrational seep in. And that’s not the irrational of fantasy or even mythology. We play with those to continuously explore and test our boundaries. It’s the irrational allowed to be real. It’s Santa Klaus as a midnight killer that requires doors to be locked and other people to be abandoned to their fate. We know the difference very, very well. But we let people go because it’s only a little. And then they start a war of terror and millions of people cheer them on and just accept stunning ignorance and hatred. What happened? Religion is not only the seeping evil in our minds but the carrier of other evils.

But we need to be able to sing the songs that bind us to ourselves and to others. All the others and all the things that interconnect us to our planet and star and more stars and universe. Religion is a cancer that deformed our songs of binding by selecting and denying things to bind. And when the bindings are broken killing is easy. We know that and have known that since we were able to know. That knowledge is what has taken us 10,000 years to regain and the religionists and users of religion are desperate to regain power and to break our infinitely diverse bindings as they grow. Because we need to hate in order to be manipulated.

We’ve had enough of that bullshit. No more. Don’t be fooled. Resist. Reject.




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