So a basic question from a non-tech AI person: Doesn’t an open system mean more cyber…
Jim Shon

The question is has Trump been hacked?

Yes, openness equals vulnerability. There are ways to handle this in systems. Depending on which of my things you have read, and this is getting to be a problem as I’m working this out as an open process. I see blockchain as the answer for many of these things but the security part is necessarily later in the process because blockchain, first and foremost, eliminates much of the need for government. By that I mean the guarantor of contracts. From a process perspective government has resulted from the need for records of ownership and obligations. An economy is a record of value systems, once fixed but now dynamic. That’s why blockchain was used first for currencies such as bitcoin, for instance, started from zero and then was tracked. But that can be used for anything. The security comes from locked, replicated records of all transactions. Basically anyone or any closed group can become part of a blockchain and gets a copy of all past transactions and all future transaction including theirs. The system is self auditing as all transactions that are completed are registered and replicated to all existing copies held by all users. I’m being a bit simplistic with the technology.

The link is that any decision that results in action is a transaction and must be recorded as legitimate. Once done it is replicated to all existing copies and is verified against all existing copies at each action. We can secure a transaction record under this system. That is not the same as securing a data set of random information, however. But maybe it can. Blockchain has scaling issues because of this that are being worked on.

From another perspective we are working against a low standard. We can’t trust people. To put it in data security terms right now the big concern is whether Trump has been hacked. Is he functioning under our rules for our ends or under Putin’s rules for Russian ends. Until we find direct evidence of an intrusion and illegal changes to Trump we don’t know. But actions that he takes that don’t make sense for the US and do for Russia are being watched closely now. But with algorithms in an AI systems just as with people you need constant surveillance of the audit trail of decisions and actions. And if someone who gains access can make small changes that produce very small actions these can escape notice over time, they win. It always comes back to multiple audit programs watching for any change in pattern, etc. etc. We are already way beyond human capabilities anyway.

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