I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

This is a very good article with carefully structured analysis suited to the mainstream American political assumptions of the last forty years. Unfortunately none of those assumptions are relevant. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at articles like this and reviewing the responses. This produced the normal results. None of it matters because we are effectively living on a different planet. The changes have been coming fast and are accelerating whether we like it or not.

Trump voters are by their combined nature, irrelevant. Whether racist, xenophobic, misogynist, or religionist they are reactionary. Read their comments. Yes, there are enough of them that they are a problem but they are, again by nature, self segregating. They feel threatened and are frightened and suffering. They, like everyone else in the hypercapitalist world who are not part of the 1%, are at an economic dead end after forty years of wage stagnation. In the US, as the queen bee of hypercapitalism, we do not even have healthcare or free education and many surviving jobs do not pay a living wage. The problem is late stage capitalism which consolidates wealth in the fewest possible hands. This is everyone’s problem except the owners of the two political parties who have exactly the same perspective. Keep them poor, sick, and divided.

I feel for the Trump voters. But I see them for what they are. The reactionary 30% of the population that cannot handle change in a time when the rate of change is freaking the change lovers at the other end of distribution. They are drowning in change and like drowning people they will pull you down with them if you aren’t careful. There is now a growing sentiment that troubles me that advocates not even trying to save them. I will go so far as saying that there will be a level of triage. I hope not. It’s obvious that Trump won’t save them but they haven’t figured that out yet. When they do, we can talk. Until then there are far bigger issues that are critical. We can only hope that the level of collateral damage in the areas that the Trump regime is allowed to control will not be too high. Fortunately planetary leadership is between the EU and China now. Let’s hope they are able to adapt fast enough.

However this works politics as we know it is dead. We are facing climate disasters that will drive hundreds of millions into refugee status. The American Midwest is identified as an area that will become uninhabitable as average temperatures move above 27c. We’re just beginning to see this. That is a faster problem than sea level rise. We will need open borders and planetary standards to support hundreds of millions of refugees as it builds over the next seventy or more years. we need to create realistic systems for a sustainable economy and that will require extensive redistribution of assets and wealth. One way or another. Bigotry is not a survival characteristic except for the 1% and maybe only for he .1%. We can’t allow that.

So, the plans of the Democratic Party to appeal to a few million drowning people in an election that may or may not happen does not really make much sense. Let’s move on. . .

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