What is the West?
Jay W. Cobb

This is a very good question which lies at one crucial hub of change. Whatever it is Trump doesn’t have a clue but that doesn’t matter. As pointed out here and has long been recognized, these things are platforms for dog whistling to the faithful. Done well, not as in written well but as vague as possible, it has something for each group and some leftovers for the others. I think most of it is filler as these folks don’t have much to say. The play of new-fascist blood and soil with the veneer of the sacred blood is about as far as they go in understanding what the west is today. The reference to the south is key and is ugly. Someone may have explained that to Trump as it is a supremacist shot.

The west is rapidly disappearing except as an historical reference. The exception is the Trumpsters and other neo-fascist converts along with the white supremacists. And they tend to be strong on bad history.

You can only reference the west historically as you can only reference the east that way also. We are in a massive transition to a new planetary society that is a mashup of all these things. The globalist connections of that are what drive these people to do the stupid things that they do. (Isn’t that a song?) This is a leftover set of attitudes from the old binary world. What we are living in now is an array of cultural elements that include, from the west, individualism, materialism, advertising, and greed as virtue. Several of these are already fading. In the end I think only advertising will survive as it is totally ingrained in the east also.