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This Isn’t Fun Anymore

We all know that the shit has done hit the fan. For all the hoping and positive thinking and attempts at normalization (damn, I’ve come to hate that word) in various shades of grey it’s all turning brown. Unless you are one of those people that thinks that they don’t need government (billionaire or delusional) in the 21st century or simply enjoys disasters, the worst is coming true. We have a mentally disturbed, stunningly ignorant person in the White House who has managed to drag up enough opportunists with no sense of shame at being, if not completely at least situationally, incompetent to pretend to fill the cabinet of the United States. And a Congress that has approval of about 10% of the population on a good day. That’s, of course, until they open their mouths and you discover, wonder of wonders, that it is actually their asshole emitting a steady stream of what you would expect.

Can we now admit that we have a problem? The problem is not small nor is it medium sized. It is probably the biggest fucking problem this country has ever had and it is all ours. Ok, one might say the civil war between the states (I’m being kind of regionally sensitive here) was a bigger problem in terms of human death and suffering until you think about what the orange blowhard in the White House is gleefully setting himself up to do to the planet. Give it a bad day and one too many nasty tweets and, karump, there goes Shanghai and thirty million people. Even if he has second thoughts about that or someone refuses to fire the missiles, he is determined to do his buddies in the petrochemical business a favor so they will come to his birthday party. Screw the climate. You just make up a new alternative fact. Unfortunately we all have to live in the physical world and our children and grandchildren (it may not go any further than that) are not going to think that this is great again.

For what it is worth I spend a lot of time now trying to follow this and figure it out. There has been a truly monumental outpouring of words since November 8. As the reality has closed in there are many thoughtful people who are working hard to say how we should have faith in the constitution and the American Way despite all indications to the contrary. We need to stop being obstructionist to the new president and use the old political aikido since he really only wants praise and he is actually destroying the remains of the Republican Party anyway. We just need to get really busy organizing for local elections in preparation for the 2020 census that could restore some semblance of validity to the US political system. If there actually is an election in 2018 but let's not be negative.

So we had a really, really nice march lead by upwards of two million women across the country and around the planet making us all feel better. Then that horrible moment when everyone thinks and someone finally says: “So, now what?” But that’s ok because we had a good laugh at the orange blowhard’s toadies delivering the alternative fact that it really didn’t happen and the inauguration crowd of 250,000 was bigger than the 500,000 the next day. And none of the other stuff happened and the mainstream media even reported that, laughed, and have not mentioned it again. It’s over, folks. Move along.

Meanwhile the dude actually is doing everything that he shouted about doing and that most of his followers thought was just, you know, normal political bullshit. He wouldn’t do that. He couldn’t really do that, could he? No way.

Unfortunately the puny inauguration turn out and the huge march had an effect. So he just started signing all these orders surrounded by stunned looking Republican congress critters realizing that they may not be able to go home again. What a joke, how sad, only the winners count.

Even his idol Putin kind of chuckled about his little inauguration, or maybe he didn’t and that was just an alternate fact, too, but anyway we need to show how strong we are. It’s an easy shot to poke the Chinese again. That worked really well for the folks at the rallies. Let’s threaten to blow them the fuck away in the South China Sea. Hey. So his toadies past it on. Did he mean it? Did they mean it? Was it joke? Confusion? A new escalation of demands in the brand new, fuck everyone, China policy? What a man. Putin stole part of the Ukraine but the orange blowhard is going to slap China into shape. Winner! The really big deal! Except the rest of the planet is now getting very, very nervous and we’re not even a week into this thing.

I’m trying to keep an open mind and be positive about the good ole’ American Way but I think we are very close to being totally screwed. Somehow I don’t think working on Congress and organizing for local elections in 2018 is really what is needed now. I think we are kind of past that because that went seriously to hell about twenty or more years ago. Now if it were just us I’d say ok, we can muddle through. We lose all the work to get most people on health care one way or another? We have more funerals. So it goes. We get medicaid, medicare, and social security taken away so the super rich don’t have to pay taxes? Well, we voted the shits into office and that’s what they always said they wanted to do. But we’re not the only ones on this planet.

Yes, the folks in Trumpestan don’t care about those damn foreigners. Nothing but terrorists and migrants. Unfortunately the massive US military has been at war for fifteen years over a good portion of the planet and we aren’t talking about Kansas. They are tired and nothing seems to work. The rest of the planet is struggling with the same problems of extreme capitalism and anger at the rich but they aren’t weak and poor as they once were back in our parents’ or grandparents’ day. Way too many people, particularly in Trumpestan, are confused about the rest of the world. They don’t realize that the US gave up on itself with Ronnie Reagan and we’ve been falling behind for forty years. The rest of the planet knows that. Are they just going to let the orange blowhard screw up the planet and start a fight for ego gratification? They’ll follow the rules but I wouldn’t count on it for long with the way things have started out. People with brains know how close to the edge this planet is now. We could make it really good but it will take major change. And suddenly that option is being taken away by a dangerously impulsive idiot and a failed government still armed to the teeth.

I don’t know about you but I think we had better get serious about cleaning up our own problems. Let’s start thinking and talking for real. . .

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