Well, that was much nicer, thank you.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Very nicely done H. Nemesis Nyx. Keeping as near as possible to primary source materials reduces the jabbering of stooges or the simply ignorant. The extent of what has and is happening is growing by the day. There does not appear to be any verifiable direct links to Trump himself but it looks pretty certain that all within his little circle are toast. That would play to the role of the useful fool who is not useful as an agent but only as a fool. In any case the political corruption is so extensive nothing can be done without several smoking guns. As I’ve said elsewhere that is not how this is being played. The cohort will be taken out one by one and Trump will be cut again and again until he, in exhaustion, resigns. This is an intelligence play now and there are no other options. Trump is dumb as a stump and may drive himself into a frenzy and die.

But let’s be clear. This is as bad as it can get. If this country in its present form is to survive, it needs a cathartic cleansing. That would require something like what South Korea is doing and that is not over, yet. And it would most likely result in things getting much worse and a bad breakup. My hope is the slow death will allow momentum to build for the main coastal and urban regions to devolve and become independent to support sanity, diversity, and the development of direct democracy with AI supported administration. That’s where the intellectual capital is and that is the future.

Trumpistan can have their country and taste hunger and poverty with humanitarian aid to keep them going. In ten years a new generation would take over and there might be some new innovation. At least that is my hope. We need to get some space and keep people from being driven to the wall.

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