I’ve been a party to more than a few conversations among right writers in which we discussed how…
Leslie Loftis

We are at the most difficult point in the paradigmatic collapse of the neoliberal, hyper-capitalist system. It appears that your position is based on the idea that the US political system is salvageable. If that were so a strong point could be made on continuing to find some common ground between the traditional two political parties. I’m sure you will continue to find people who support that effort although the lack of any progress will thin the ranks at an accelerating rate. The question is, however, what could be achieved?

It is clear that the minority that still supports Trump are not interested in facts or any information that doesn’t support their acceptance of Trump’s promise to deliver a winning lottery ticket just for them. The fact that this, or anything even vaguely like it, is just not possible is no longer a factor for these people. The motivations for this faith ranges from desperation to decades of poor education and cultural factors in US history. I wish it weren’t so. But it is and they won’t talk to about anything else until all hope is lost and maybe not even then. They won’t hear you shout fire.

The remainder of people who you might talk to are already thinking the way you do. This is effectively preaching to the choir but the choir, as you have said, is very nervous indeed. The people who were Republicans but can’t stomach Trump have been left high and dry by the remaining leadership of their party. And the people who are raising the Resistance to Trump et al, are doing it despite the Democratic Party as they can barely force themselves to cast a no vote on the most incompetent nominees presented to them. Both parties are bankrupt. These people actually already know this things on fire but they are not going to admit it until something really bad happens and then they’ll panic.

In short I’m not sure who you are protecting by not admitting that both the economic and political systems of the 20th century are in collapse and that has shown up suddenly with a failed election in the US. But this is secondary to growing regional wars driven increasingly by climate change pushing millions of people into migration. The gross imbalance of assets after decades of growth are pushing the majority of people in the wealthy countries slowly back down the scale just as they need to support the millions made homeless. This is reality. The old systems are broken and we have very little time to fix our problems and to figure out how to get open societies with equitable and sustainable economies. I don’t see any examples of that around here . . .

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