So the old way has failed. We huddle together amongst the ruins of our fallen idols.
The One Weird Thing Behind the Rise of Autocracy
umair haque

We are fixated on our fallen idols very much as a chimpanzee mother will continue to carry her deceased infant for a day or two before, finally, abandoning it. I’ve been struggling with writing about this transition since it became clear that there really is no viable path through this to the world we wanted without fundamental change. It is very hard to say that we must move on and quickly regain control without violence. I’ve come to realize, or more accurately, confirm the realization that the complexity of this paradigmatic change may be beyond us. We have fallen so quickly into the old authoritarian patterns that it is really hard to hang on to the necessary optimism we need to look up at the stars. And the continued calls for acceptance of the status quo are exactly that, even if they are camouflaged as calls to resist. Resistance is not change. It is the desperate hope that this is an aberration and simply resisting will lead us back home to things as they were. But I’m afraid that the political, economic and even social structures that we assumed were the defining characteristics of our world have fallen and can’t be restored. Fundamental change is the only option remaining. Can we accept that?

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