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Amber Lisa

Who's on First?

Well this seems to be getting a bit complex. I’m happy Amber Lisa has found what I have been writing at least not too bad although inadequate to others and I don’t mind debating this with arthur lecuyer although we have profound differences. For me, at least, the risk of falling into pedantic over analysis of assumed attitudes is a problem. I will nod to being a bit academic but that is a very conscious position as we are in the mess we are in with racism, misogyny, etc., etc. because rational, analytical discussion is under attack. The reason for that is the removal of any real barrier to racism, misogyny requires objectivity. I’m certainly not happy with being accused of trying to slyly support the old patriarchy. Now that hurts. Sorry but that is not the case. If that is what I was doing than I did are really bad job of communicating.

This thing started from me attempting to reach across the chasm and shape language to a white women upset with her experience at a school based program to deconstruct racist thinking. In that context I wasn’t out to hurl molotov cocktails at the vicious, racist scum but to see if I could put things in a context that would be understandable. That was based on her writing an story about how upset she was, and her black friend, if I understood that correctly, taking that as a logical opening to further the process of deconstruction. Damn, I don’t even particularly like deconstruction as that evolved from the post-structuralist view of society and literary analysis. It has it’s role and process but the term itself upsets many people who are intimidated by any of the deep analysis traditions because lots of obnoxious white people have made good livings manufacturing word salads under the pretense of doing this stuff. My intent was to try to make this understandable to someone who does not want to see it.

We live in a viciously racist society. I’ve been on to that since the mid sixties. And I also know that SNCC and marches and calling out racism whenever you see it doesn’t change the fact that I have had all the benefits of being on the white side of a white culture so I could take a break from a purely intellectual position while people of color couldn’t get away from it even if they were educated and successful. It’s there and until we recognize and work through it we will be poisoned by it. And the real changes that our happening around us have nothing to do with that but will quickly make it possible for us to change whatever we are to whatever we want. How the hell are we going to deal with that when we can’t even deal with minor physical characteristics and gender diversity that we have had for our entire evolutionary history. But we can’t just declare it gone and walk away. It isn’t gone until we remove it from our minds and our societies. We can’t make the next changes until we fix this. And failure to make the next changes may well mean species death.

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