Is America (Really) Collapsing?
umair haque

The unique problems of our collapse

You have provided an excellent set of indicators for determining collapse. Over the last two months the realization of this seems broader but it is difficult working within the Medium community. This is, by definition, an articulate and thinking community. The confusion continues among the alienated and angry. But broader conversations suggest many who may have been fooled by Trump deceit (marginal supporters)are now quiet.

The acceleration of the collapse, specifically the complete collapse of trust, is to some extent attributable to Trump but he is only a symptom of the process. In my opinion the indicators of the loss of eudaemonia are so strong because the cascading effects of hypercapitalist failure has had longer to work and, is you will, we have had farther to fall.

As I’ve stated in my own writings, I don’t think the US as a political entity will survive. As a purely Enlightenment creation with no link to the indigenous cultures and a very short history the US was truly an experiment isolated from its European observers. But in collapse the US doesn’t have cultural or linguistic traditions to fall back on as the 18th-19th century political structure disappears. We have never integrated our diverse populations or even admitted the endemic racism that is now exacerbating the collapse. What was once helpful to the semi-representational experiment has turned cancerous in decline.

The question I see is how soon we can begin the restructuring of our successful urban regions into devolved city states or metropoles? That would allow separation from the dying regions still firmly in the grip of the failed systems. This separation is critical to prevent the paralysis from spreading to healthy regions.