So…Why Can’t We Dump Trump?
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

Your question is the right question. A plurality of the population was expecting him to be impeached as soon as he took office. The emoluments clause alone took him out the first week. At the end of 90 days he can, at best, be described as grossly incompetent. But of course that doesn’t count as the number of republican presidents in the last fifty years who were grossly incompetent pretty much covers the list. Who wants to talk about Nixon. Ronnie Reagan got away with his Old Ranger bit and everyone kept it quiet that the dude was adrift in old movies and didn’t have a clue. He did however convince the less intelligent that the government was bad, a good trick in a democratic republic where we are the government, but the point was to destroy that anyway. And, guess what, here we are.

To quote an old song, the time has come today. . . It is, as you first thought, the turning point. The firing of Comey with escalation in demented ravings is an admission of guilt, either treason or corruption at such a level that even the idiot is panicking. This must be the end. That there are people in positions of authority who are failing to act now requires that those people be removed. Unless a caretaker government is put in place while this is sorted out, the nation is lost. I think a majority in the last week is coming to this conclusion. In Watergate there was still a viable, national Republican party in congress that recognized their responsibilities. That no longer exists. . .

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