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Hi, I’m Pascal Heynol

Strategic Designer

I’m a strategic designer with the power to find clarity within the ambiguous, building on a foundation in psychology, computer science, and design. With that, I help great brands build exceptional products and experiences based on true customer understanding. Because good design is good business.

Since 2009 I’ve been working with international and intercultural teams of influential companies like Volkswagen, T-Mobile, Deutsche Bahn, Consorsbank, Adidas, and many others. Having lead strategy and design for multiple ventures, I’m comfortable creating products from zero just as much as iterating within established confines.

Testing assumptions and prototyping solutions quickly is always key to picking up necessary speed while de-risking the design and development process. By facilitating Design Sprints, I’m enabling teams and managers to build better products, faster. Aligning design teams, frameworks, and processes with an insight-driven product strategy helps me set up any business for long-term success.

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Selected Clients and Partners

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The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

Pascal Heynol (Becker)

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Designer, writer, researcher, engineer — computational product person. Loves art, paints all too rarely. Tries to talk to computers, but they just never listen…

The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

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