Augmented Experiences — In a Nutshell

A brief overview of the technologies that are going to change our lives

The only constant is change. And technology is no exception. At this very moment, we’re at the verge of a technological revolution that rivals the invention of the PC and its evolution into the smartphone. More and more screens were shoved in front of us. We put flat panes of glass everywhere.

This time things are different. A set of cutting edge, emerging technologies is going to alter the way all of us interact with digital services. It’s going to be less invasive, more human. Less focused on the technology, more on what it does for people. Devices will fade into the background, experiences are going to be the differentiating factor. It’s subtly going to augment our everyday lives.

We at USEEDS° are ready for this change and can’t wait for it to happen. Human happiness is our highest goal, and we‘re going to help shape the way people design for these new technologies — for the better.

Let’s take a high-level look at these technologies and how we’ll make them happen.

Augmented Reality

Mobile AR, Web AR

Bridge the gap from digital to real. Enable more profound experiences by bringing the right information to the right place. Into people’s lives, not in their way.

Makes computing more accessible, bringing information to where it matters. See products in your home before you bought them, visualize the invisible to better interact with your surroundings.

View and interact with lifelike 3D objects or contextual information right within the real world environment. Experience them through a mobile phone, AR glasses or a car’s HUD.

Design 3D objects to work in concert with changing environments. React to surfaces, changing light or moving objects in a scene. Blend 2D interfaces with the real world for to augment capabilities.

Virtual Reality

Mobile VR, Standalone VR

Deliver scenes that feel like your in them, present products like you can touch them. Enter a new dimension of perception and take your customers along.

Democratises experiences that users couldn’t have otherwise, such as the rare, dangerous, impossible or expensive. Shuts out surroundings and fully immerses into a foreign world.

Uses a stereoscopic headset, spacial audio, and positional tracking to put the user into the center of a digital experience. Runs lo-fi on mobile phones or on tethered headsets for optimal performance.

Draw out usage story from access to exit. Approximate realistic interaction within space and modality constraints. Account for virtual presence creating fully immersive experiences.

Conversational UI

Voice Apps, Chatbots, Custom Solutions

Let customers communicate with your product intuitively. Establish a more human connection and give your brand a voice like never before.

Reduces complexity of human-machine interactions and makes them accessible. Language is inherent to humans, doesn’t require understanding UI patterns or rely on visual or tactile interaction.

Communication with a digital product using natural language, spoken, written or both. Can build on common voice assistants or create a dedicated, standalone service to supplement the brand.

Rethink and brake up tasks into logical steps of conversation. Consider input errors and resolve divergent pathways. Implement interaction flows with linguistic intricacies and tonal variation.

AI & Machine Learning

Assistive Tools, Enhanced Experiences

Rise from competition by building the best possible product. Enhance your products with capabilities more helpful and personal then ever before.

Enables better digital products with functionality that has not been possible before. Creates value by making products feel personal, accommodating and supportive.

Gathers and analyses data to learn from, such as user behavior or crowdsourced data. Relies on previous knowledge to make statistical assumptions in unmatched speed and precision.

Identify opportunities for intelligent prediction, weighing user benefits against technical effort. Analyze data and eliminate data bias for objectivity. Integrate predictive behavior into products.

We love people. We love technology. We love creating business success by bringing both together.

Augmented Experiences will enable us to do this better, more engaging and most of all more personal than ever before. Technology is going the be embedded into every aspect of our daily lives and with that become invisible, putting the human experience front and center.

The new age of augmented experiences holds great potential, yet it also comes with its own unique challenges that are new for everyone. With over 10 years of experience in UX Design, a highly diverse team of empathetic people and a rock solid customer-centered process, USEEDS° is uniquely set out for his challenge. Join us in exploring how you can use these technologies to create invaluable experiences for your customers and gain key competitive advantages.

We made some posters!

Originally published at USEEDS° from Berlin on February 5, 2018.

The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

Pascal Heynol (Becker)

Written by

Designer, writer, researcher, engineer — computational product person. Loves art, paints all too rarely. Tries to talk to computers, but they just never listen…

The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

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