Speaking & Appearances

I give talks, host and attend events, on technology, business, and design.

Speaking has become one of my great passions within my work. For one, it allows me to share my learnings with others and thus give back to the community. Also, it allows me to attend great events and learn from the stories other speakers are sharing, that help push the whole industry forward. Most importantly to me, however, is the amazing people I’m meeting and long term connections coming out of it. Looking forward to meeting many more!

If you’re interested in having me speak at your event or organize one together, please reach out to me at the.pascal.heynol@gmail.com or on LinkedIn. If you just want to chat, the same applies. 👋




Toolfest — Berlin, Germany — Sept. 2019

Design is Communication

World Usability Congress — Graz, Austria — Oct. 2018

Design is Communication

WebExpo — Prague, Czech Republic — Sept. 2018

Design is Communication

UX Cambridge — Cambridge, UK — Sept. 2018

Let’s Talk: Uniting Dev and UX to Design for Voice

Webinale — Berlin, Germany — Jun. 2018

All Your Intelligence are Belong to Us

Webinale — Berlin, Germany — Jun. 2018

Eine Geschichte von Storytelling im Design

AX Summit— Berlin, Germany — Jan. 2018

Organizer and Host


World Usability Day — Berlin, Germany — Nov. 2017

Intro to Designing for Voice: Uniting Dev and UX on a new Challenge

UX Congress — Frankfurt, Germany — Nov. 2017

Multiplayer: Mit interdisziplinären Teams zu besseren Voice Interfaces

UI/UX Meetup Berlin — Berlin, Germany — Sept. 2017

Let me tell you a Story - About the meaning of storytelling and how to make use of it in design

Thanks for browsing. Looking forward to many more. Again, if you’d like to get in touch reach out to me at the.pascal.heynol@gmail.com or on LinkedIn. 💪

The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

Pascal Heynol (Becker)

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Designer, writer, researcher, engineer — computational product person. Loves art, paints all too rarely. Tries to talk to computers, but they just never listen…

The Pascal Heynol

Senior Strategic Designer, Consultant

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