When Artificial Intelligence becomes real.

“My friend, the artificial intelligent bot.”

I came across this article on The Verge last night. When Eugenia’s friend, Roman died, she decided to create a digital memorial for him in the form of an artificial intelligent bot. It’s thought provoking and rattles a few emotional cages. I’m not quite sure where to begin but I’m definitely excited for what the future holds for this field.

I believe that Eugenia and her team’s project will have a profound impact on the artificial intelligent scene going forward. Maybe not technologically but conceptually, what artificial intelligent bots are capable of. Human beings are incredibly nostalgic social creatures and being able to chat with our loved ones after they have long gone adds so much more depth than a simple photograph or videos. Photographs and videos are amazing tools in capturing memories but they are mere static moments in time. A conversation is fluid and connected to the present.

Doom & Gloom.

With any big seismic shifts in anything, it’ll raise a few roofs and pitchforks. There will be ethical debates about privacy and technological fear-mongering with be aplenty. It could also breed a certain kind of complacency. You could push back on catching up with your parents this weekend. What’s the worst that could happen right? We’ll still have the artificial intelligent bot right? It’s something unthinkable at present but societal norms shift all the time and in 10 to 20 years time, this could be the unfortunate norm.

The future is kinda here.

Having said all that, I think artificial intelligent bots are incredibly amazing. Bots such as Google Assistant feel slightly premedieval but I already love it. This tool sounds perfectly comfortable nestled together with virtual reality and machine learning. Can you imagine the use cases for businesses or education?

Teachers of the future will be able to start up a History lesson with an artificial intelligent projection of Genghis Khan for his or her students to converse with. He’ll speak English of course. Machine learning enabled him to learn languages and current affairs amongst other things. I hope he didn’t watch Terminator. We can all quiz him about what he thinks about Trump Jr Jr Jr’s presidency style and if the “Apple is doomed” news will finally come true.

If anything at all, I’ll just love to see children of the future argue with Elon Musk and Henry Ford about what an automotive vehicle should be.

Heck. This would’ve been typed by my bot.

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