Ponder and Scout Partner for Job Referrals

Manshu Agarwal, Ponder CEO

Although still in the beta, Ponder’s jobs referral marketplace is already establishing key global partnerships in the recruiting space. These partnerships will help launch Ponder Pro with a robust inventory of opportunities for job seekers.

It is with this goal in mind that we are pleased to announce Ponder has partnered with Scout, one of the largest recruitment companies in Korea. This partnership will provide Ponder Pro with access to hundreds of thousands of job postings each year.

All of Scout’s fee based jobs will now be available to access in the Ponder Pro platform. This is a powerful first step in creating a marketplace of jobs for Ponder users in Korea. In addition, Scout will be actively marketing Ponder Pro as a job seeking solution to their member database of job seekers.

As we build toward the launch of Ponder Pro, relationships like the one we have established with Scout will help supercharge our effectiveness as a global job referral platform!

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