The Big Existential Question: Who Are We?

by Carolyn Hunt, PRIDEnet Community Engagement Director

Do you know the difference between PRIDEnet, The PRIDE Study and the All of Us Research Program? Chances are, you’re a little confused about each of these pieces and how they fit together for our team. You’re not alone. We do a lot of exciting work and we’ve grown quickly so things can get confusing — even for us: the researchers, staff, advisors, and partners who make up our team. Let me try to clear things up.

First and foremost, what unites all of our work is a deep, passionate, and focused commitment to including LGBTQ people in health research in order to ensure that researchers, advocates, providers, and policymakers have the information we need to improve health for our communities. That’s what everyone on our team gets up each morning thinking about.

We want to help fill the gap most LGBTQ people working on health issues know exists, as this ground-breaking Institute of Medicine Publication on LGBT health articulates: “The relative lack of population-based data presents the greatest challenge to describing the health status and health-related needs of LGBT people.”

So, how does all of this work?

What is PRIDEnet?

PRIDEnet is the network of community partners and advisors that guides and promotes our work. PRIDEnet is absolutely critical to our success in conducting the right research in the right way and generating useful results. We can’t produce results without enrolling participants who represent all parts of our communities and the research we produce can’t make a difference unless people read and use it. That’s PRIDEnet’s job.

What is The PRIDE Study?

The PRIDE Study is our long-term, national, online study of LGBTQ social, mental, and physical health that seeks to understand the impact of sexual orientation and gender identity on our communities’ health. The PRIDE Study is like a large database that researchers will use to answer specific but important questions, such as what are binge drinking guidelines for gender minority people? and is there a connection between alcohol consumption and depression in sexual minority women?

[PRIDEnet and The PRIDE Study were essentially born together (which is why the branding and logos are so similar). These National Public Radio and San Francisco Chronicle articles tell the origin story.]

All of Us Research Program LGBTQ logo

What is the All of Us Research Program (AoURP)?

Finally, the All of Us Research Program is a national research program like The PRIDE Study except that it seeks to capture data on all Americans (not just LGBTQ Americans) and is run by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). People who join provide information about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live.

Our team educates LGBTQ people about the opportunity to join the All of Us Research Program in the hopes that enough of us will enroll and our issues and voices will be represented.

How can I be involved?

Join our mailing list, consider joining as a community partner or advisor, and check out our research projects.

You are welcome here!