The PRIDE Study launches community engaged 2018 Annual Questionnaire

On June 5, we met a HUGE milestone. We launched the 2nd The PRIDE Study Annual Questionnaire (AQ).

Why does the AQ matter?

The Annual Questionnaire (or, since that’s a mouthful, the AQ) is The PRIDE Study’s most important survey. We ask that The PRIDE Study participants take this survey every year to help us capture long-term data about your physical, mental, and social health to better understand how LGBTQ health, lives, thoughts, and experiences change over time.

The AQ includes questions about physical, mental, and social health. We do a careful review and include participant and community member input to ensure that all all of our questions are valuable, respectful, and clear and that they relate to the topics you want studied. The AQ is the heart of our work because it determines both the quality of the participant experience and the specific data we collect.

How can you help?

We want to encourage our current The PRIDE Study participants to complete the new AQ and folks who haven’t joined yet to join now. Interested in helping out? Check out these frequently asked questions to learn a bit more, and then take the 2018 Annual Questionnaire today!

  • Why is it important? The lack of basic data about LGBTQ people is one of the most significant barriers to improving our health. And we are using the AQ to help us build a foundation for ongoing learning about how identity influences health.
  • Are my data protected? Yes! We know your life and health information is personal, and it’s our top priority to keep the information you share private and secure. All communications between you and The PRIDE Study are encrypted, and our data centers are secured electronically and physically.

Your response is important to help us collect the data we need to improve the health of the LGBTQ community. A few minutes is all it takes to change LGBTQ health for the better, forever. Please, take the study today.