MADEbytheprojects: September Thought Starters

Hi all, what a huge month that was! I had to seriously cull a lot of great ideas that have come out in August, the reject pile probably included about half a dozen pieces based around the big fight and the penultimate season of GOT alone!

I really feel like brands are upping their game to cut through the noise at the moment, and it’s working.

We’re sticking with the Medium platform for the send outs, I hope you like the change — all of the projects* thought pieces are stored on here and are updated fortnightly.

1. UNIQLO — Vending Machines

The world is becoming more and more accessible, and with that so are it’s produced goods — Imagine you’re a little nippy in the city, no worries, Uniqlo has you covered with vending machines in high traffic locations offering clothing staples at the touch of a button.

2. HBO Ballers Pop Up — Creating a lifestyle in a one stop shop

The success of TV show Ballers has led to a number of the show’s style icons coming together to form a pop-up store showcasing the fashions and brands seen on set. Think Buscemi, MadeWorn x ROc96, Pyer Moss and Cazal all set to an epic soundtrack from some of the world’s best DJs.

3. IKEA x HAY — Why Can’t Cheap Be Good?

Known for their quintessentially Swedish style, Ikea are beginning to branch out and collaborate with other designers. This collection sees all manner of items created from desk lamps to couches, a beautifully minimalistic approach to affordable pieces.

4. ADIDAS — Fan Designed Kits

Yep, football (soccer) kits again, they certainly are trending! Adidas have recently launched kits for five of the best teams in Europe, designed by fans entering submissions through a worldwide competition. This is an awesome way of engaging with your consumer base and allowing them to have their say with an item they would wear with passion.

6. KITH x COCA COLA — Merchandise Capsule

Kith are a NYC based label and store. They have collabed with everyone recently and have become mainstays in street fashion — Their latest collection sees them team up with Coca-Cola to produce a huge line of branded merchandise.

I’d love for our brands to start looking at this space for their merchandise. It’s an awesome way to gain awareness and create the ‘wantability’ aspect.

7. Hanes X Justin Bieber — White Tee

Nothing’s original.

Yep, the Biebs is now designing…. white tees…

I don’t know what to really say about this, I can’t work out whether it’s ridiculous or genius!

But it goes to show you can collab and ‘brand’ anything no matter how basic AND run a pop-up store off the back of it!

8. Johnnie Walker-Personalisation and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding used to just be for startups and small businesses, but more and more I see larger brands and names using it to raise money for more left-of-field concepts. Johnnie Walker are the latest to do it with their completely personalised whiskey packages. Consumers are able to blend their favourite characteristics of the whisky, and even customise the bottle

9. GUNS N’ ROSES x OFF-WHITE and more…

New bringing back the old

I love this idea for a couple of reasons, firstly I used to be a massive GNR fan, and secondly because it’s such a weird partnership. The band has been touring recently and looked to Virgil Abloh to reinvigorate their tour merch for 2017 — working with popular brands each label put their own twist on the the range.

10. PRINCE x PANTONE Love Symbol #2

To honour the musical legend Prince, Pantone recently honoured him with his own hue, that of course had to be a purple. This particular swatch is based off his signature purple Yamaha piano

11. NB x STANCE — The perfect pair

It wouldn’t be a MADE doc without a sneaker reference in it — so here it is — a stunning partnership between New Balance shoes and Stance socks. Stance have designed socks to perfectly compliment the colour and cut of the shoe.

I think this is a really clever, well thought out collab, but one that is totally obvious at the same time!


When suits skate

In an effort to become more approachable to a younger demographic, they are creating more day-to-day items such as long boards and Apple Watch straps. Although they’re still at a premium price point, I love the departure from the traditional store items.