Is PubLoft Expensive?

Analyzing why we charge what we charge

We charge $600 a month for our product. Is that a lot? The answer is I don’t know. If you’re a customer of a content mill, you’ll say yes. If you’ve gone down the agency route, you’ll think we’re embarrassingly cheap. So, I don’t know if we are expensive or not. Still, a lot of people ask me this question:

“Don’t you think charging $600/mo per post is a bit much for a business like you?”

I don’t get offended by this question, because it is a valuable and viable one. I answer it often, so I figure I would write a blog post to talk about our price point. More specifically, why we are at that price point.

PubLoft is not everyone’s blog solution

Although PubLoft prices are minuscule compared to an agency, it ain’t cheap. We aren’t catering to every startup because there are a lot of startups out there who are broke. We cater to startups who have cash on hand that are looking to grow.

With that said, here are three reasons why we charge what we charge. The number will change. It might keep going up. Maybe it will go down. But whenever it moves, here are the reasons we keep in mind when changing our pricing.

1. We Believe in Paying Writers What They Are Worth

Textbroker will write a blog post for 12 dollars. Head over to Fivver and you will find a blog post for $5. Still too expensive? Zerys has you covered for $4 per post.

We think this is pretty screwed up. These human beings, many of which who are writers by trade, are being paid dollars for their work simply because that is what they were offered by these companies. They have rent to pay, families to support and a purpose to find. These companies are not helping them with any of those.

Being a good writer is a skill and a craft. It takes years to hone and decades to master. When a writer is paid little for their work, they likely don’t spend as much as creative energy on it, because they need to write so many in a day. No wonder they call it a content mill.

At PubLoft, we value great writers. We want them to produce the best work they can and we want them to be proud that they write for PubLoft. To do that, we need to charge at a rate that lets us pay them what they are worth.

2. It’s More Than A Post

Most founders think that when they use PubLoft, they are getting four posts from us every month that they can use for their sales and marketing collateral and that’s it. In reality, this isn’t the case. When people use PubLoft, it lets them focus on the things that matter….like talking to users and building their product. Blogging is not proprietary to any company, so when the founder is doing non-core tasks that could be done by someone else, productivity is lost.

With PubLoft, your whole blog is outsourced You don’t need to think about what posts to write or edit. You don’t even need to think about how it ties in with your SEO and keyword strategy. So with PubLoft, on the surface, it’s just a few blog posts. But when drilling into it, it’s your entire blog strategy. It’s your SEO. It’s your brand. It’s how you sell and market. It’s how people perceive you.

So, when you’re thinking about using PubLoft, don’t think about the posts as the product. Think about the time you save by using us, and the results you get from using people who know what they are doing. All for $600 a month. ..Now that I think about it, that is a steal.

3. Not Every Post Is Equal

One thing many people don’t understand is that some blog posts take a lot less time to write than others. Some posts, like this one, let us harness our creative powers and bang something out in 30 minutes that reads great. But other times, we need to research a topic for hours before we are able to write a concrete post on it. This is our specialty.

We wrote on 3D Printing for Aerospace and Orthopedics. We wrote on IoT for factories. We’ve written on a multitude of technical topics that require a lot of research before we start writing. Does it sound like we know our stuff?

Because of the research, these posts may take multiple hours to write and edit. No post is the same, but since we’re building an agency powered by a model that can scale, we can’t charge different prices per post. So, we have drawn the line in the sand. $600 a month. It is what it is. It still may go up. Too expensive? Textbroker is one click away.

At the end of the day, companies charge what they charge. This is why we charge how we charge. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly at