There Are No Words: 2016.08.26

Adapting to Home

Energy Budget Estimate – 2015: 35¢; 2016: 60¢

It’s been a year and I’m still adapting to “normal” – whatever normal is now.

The Ivy Lee method is still working. I have a short list right now, and it’s better for one-time tasks than for recurring events, but that’s okay. For now it’s most useful for getting me started. It’s like my past self has done my present self a favour. Feels good.

On that note, I don’t actually feel good today. I think “glum” is the appropriate term. (Looks up ‘glum’ to verify recollection of the meaning of the word. Yep.)

I think the only differences from last year on this day are that the dogs are in slightly different positions and the furniture covers are on different chairs.

It is now 11:15AM. I think I’ll take the boys out for an early walk, before the temperature spikes this afternoon. Then down to the editing suite to work on Change.FAIL. Yippee!

On that note, WOW is there ever a huge difference between the quality of the first episode we recorded and the later episodes. Kevin and I really learned a lot about how to hold a meaningful public conversation without monologuing at each other. I’m looking forward to getting back into it in September.

2015.08.26: A New Day

It’s nice to discover that I was playing catch up with my writing a year ago on this day, just like I was in 2016. Some things just don’t change, do they?

Late Evening – Frustrations

First full day at home was nice, including two naps, a lot of phone calls (mom made them), and a short dog walk. Also, a blendered dinner, two episodes of Longmire with my wife, and chocolate pudding for dessert.
Now I’m in my recliner, listening to Brian Brushwood being interviewed on YANSS, and telling you folks about my day.
The most frustrating thing right now is that swallowing is much harder than I would like. This is common at this stage, but it is still frustrating.
The second most frustrating thing is the lymphedema giving me a Minionesque profile.
Third place goes to stamina and the lack thereof.
Bottom of the list of frustrations – but still a real frustration – is being mute.
Right. Time for bed.

In retrospect I would reverse the order of those frustrations. Well, maybe being mute would be third and swallowing at the bottom, but lacking endurance and stamina is definitely the top of the list.

Oh – and according to my Google Pictures Livé spent a lot of time with her iPad camera around this time last year.

Why yes, I do have a beautiful daughter. Why do you ask?
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