There Are No Words: 2016.08.27


Energy Budget Estimate — 2015: ?¢; 2016: 60¢

Huh. Today I did some writing, played Pokémon GO, wrote some short story, took a nap, and spent quality time with my wife.

A good day.

I think 60% is about right for my energy budget. At the moment my neck – the front muscles especially – are cramping up most regularly. At least the intercostal cramping is much less frequent now. It’s still pretty nasty on my neck muscles, mind. If you’ve ever had the muscle that connects from the back of your ear to your collarbone seize up you know the ugliness I describe. Ugh.

2015.08.27 Recovering At Home

9:23AM — Storytime

Last night, Mom stayed with the moms, and took care of Livé. They read a lot of books, and mom was sent home with a mission: read daddy this specific book.
We were interrupted on page 17 (that’s the first picture) but we are really reading the book.
It’s been a looooong time since my mom read me a book!
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