There Are No Words: 2016.08.28

Funky Cole Edema

Estimated Energy Budget – 2015: 25¢?; 2016: 65¢

Today Kathleen and I rode our bikes 34Km, from the Beach to the Boulevard Club (17k) and after a lovely brunch and conversation, back.

There were a few times I wasn’t sure I was going to make the whole return trip. I was ready for that – could have locked up my bike and called a cab or hopped on a streetcar at almost any point – but it felt good to do the whole trip. I’m sure I’ll be sore and tired tomorrow, but I’m also sure that I won’t be overwhelmed by exhaustion tomorrow. That is a good feeling.

I woke up at 7, 8, and 9 today (thyroid pill taken at 7). We rode from 9:35 – 10:50 or so, with a few short pauses for water. Kathleen set the pace. The sun was HOT, but there was a lot of shade for a lot of the journey.

Brunch was really wonderful. Tony is almost disturbingly humble. He has a bearing that I think Billy (grampa Sammy) would have taken to wholeheartedly. (I don’t have a bigger compliment, really.)

On the way home Kathleen set her own pace and I paused many many times to Pokémon GO. I got a lot of water critters, which was great. I did get tired of pulling off the trail all the time. Also, WTH with riding 34K and hatching like two eggs? COME ONE NIANTIC. LOG MY DISTANCE!


Right now I’m sitting out front on the Yellow Bench, typing, thinking, and watching the world go by.

Life could be a lot worse.

Oh! And my edema is at a long-time low. I took a bath (soak) and nap (with headgear) after the big ride. My chin and tongue are really quite petite right now. Wow! I might have to start riding more for vanity after all.

2015.08.28: Of Gripes and Gumptions

We’re rounded the bend are are in the stretch now. Short posts are the order of the day because even I’m tired of hearing about what I’m doing, and I’m the one doing it. I’m also more actively involved in some groups for Larees and their families for some of the more intimate details (at least for now).
So, instead of a long narrative, today you get gripes and gumptions: a list.
Gripe: How can areas that are numb because of cut nerves also be painful?
Gumption: Sufficiently masticated alphabet pretzels taste quite good (with lubrication to make sure they go down right).
Gripe: Where the hell is my neckline?
Gumption: I can almost see my jawline!
Gripe: Moment to moment hot and cold flashes.
Gripe: Stamina is quite low; a two minute romp with Wally was enough to leave me panting and tired.
Gumption: I had a two minute romp with Wally.
Gumption: Neighbours who insist on inventing new Pratchettian crimes, like ‘Breaking and Feeding’. (Shame on you Christine VanDeursen! Shame! Also THANK YOU!)
Gripe: Inclined sleeping is awkward and uncomfortable.
Gumption: Inclined sleeping in my own bed with my own wife is worth it.
Gripe: Not ready to use the voice prosthesis yet (yes I know, throat torn out ten days ago huff huff huff*) so have to rely on EL and scrawling text and text to speech apps (TTS).
Gumption: Testing out four TTS today, and the EL is really useful for short phrases.
Gumption: Neighbours who care.
Gumption: See above.
Gumption: More stamina than yesterday.
Gumption: Easier swallowing than yesterday.
Gumption: I have time to explain to someone on the internet why they are wrong, and in detail. :)
If you’ve know me for more than a few years you know I’d much rather be right than happy. All this ‘performance over perfection’ stuff is a learned behaviour overlaid on an innate drive.
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