There Are No Words: Downshift


This is a placeholder for last year. I didn’t have energy to do this today. Here are some pictures from the ward instead. It was today I moved out of ICU and into a regular room.


Today started early for me, dropping Kathleen to work, and then up to Sunnybrook for a CT scan. That went quickly, but the oncologist appointment I thought was for today has been rescheduled for Aug 16.

From there I went to the hardware store to get a doorknob and lock for the back gate, and the. To a clinic to get my blood tests done.

That was a very frustrating journey, involving three stops at three buildings and with a lot of walking and searching for the lab. Also, hunger, since I didn’t eat before the tests, which I finally had done at 11:30AM. Basically I got home at noon, ate, and then took a nap. I still felt very tired the rest of the day, and have found it hard to focus. Part of that is emotional, but part is that my energy levels are definitely put of whack right now. Looks like more doctor visits are in my near future. Oh, and having no coffee didn’t help. The dogs did help though.

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