There is a hidden Easter Egg on TIABFT homepage. Find it, and win free promotion for your bot

Easter holiday were celebrated yesterday. To join the celebration we added a hidden easter egg on There is a bot for that homepage.

What is a web Easter Egg?

You may read more about it on Wikipedia. But to make a long story short:

An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, a hidden message, or a secret feature of an interactive work (often, a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen). The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.

An example of an easter egg is when you’re searching on Google images “Atari breakout” the search results will become the Atari breakout game.

Searching for “Atari breakout” on Google images

How to win a free promotion on TIABFT?

We hid a secret easter egg on our homepage (clue: Konami Code). All you have to to is:

  1. Find it.
  2. Create a video of what you found.
  3. Upload the video to either Facebook or YouTube with the title “There is a bot for that hidden easter egg” and post it to our Facebook page.
  4. Send us an email to with a link to the Facebook post.

Once we’ll validate you found the easter egg we’ll contact you so you could send us the keywords you would like to promote your bot with on There is a bot for that’s bots search engine.

Other notes:

  • The first 5 people/bots that will find it, will win a free promotion for one month!
  • This offer will end at 29/4/2017.

That’s it! Go go go!!!